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Mission Statement
Our Mission at Je Nor is to treat everyone with LOYALTY and RESPECT, and to provide cost-effective HIGH QUALITY, DEPENDABLE, ON-TIME SERVICE that exceeds our customers' needs and expectations.

Quality, Service, Price
For every project, we develop a well thought out plan to maximize efficiency, lower your costs, and provide a customized solution at a competitve price. We prepare and train our staff in detail to insure that there are 0% defects in Je Nor products and services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


About Je Nor
Some people have a knack! Their abilities span the full range of human endeavor and may include, for example an extraordinary ability to add a column of numbers quickly, solve a puzzle in record time or write beautiful musical compositions. The rest of us may find such astonishing skills hard to comprehend but those blessed with the "gift" are often equally amazed that their accomplishments are considered remarkable.

“Jesus Martinez approaches engineering problems with no nonsense, practical solutions accompanied by a gentle laugh”

Jesus Martinez has such a gift. He approaches engineering problems which confound the experts with no nonsense, practical solutions accompanied by a gentle laugh and the explanation that "it's simple."

For instance, recently his company, Je Nor, was asked to package a watch which combined a timepiece with an altimeter. Useful for skiers, hikers and other concerned with altitude, the watch failed to perform accurately and top engineers were baffled. Jesus briefly studied the circuits and with a minor adjustment solved the problem.

An immigrant to the United States from Mexico in 1981, Jesus came with a limited background in electronics and mechanics and was unable to converse in English. He found a job in Union City as a machinist making bicycle seats. Each machinist at the shop was able to manufacture 25 units during an eight-hour shift. Jesus watched the process and posed questions to the owner. Why not alter the method and increase quality and productivity? The business owner was doubtful, but let Jesus try. As a result of Jesus' suggestions, the shop quickly converted to a new system and each employee was soon producing more than 400 units in the same eight-hour period. Four months later, a full year of production was completed using a "$7 machine" built by Jesus.

electronic rework

Je Nor began when Jesus was asked if he would be interested in doing "piece work." He began to find easier and faster ways to complete the work assigned. By 1996, the success of this enterprise required a separate company structure and workplace. Je Nor, a combination of his name and his wife's (Norma), was born.

Visitors walking through the large warehouse in Union City will see products being assembled, machinery, fabricated by Jesus of course, and electronic parts for testing, again on machines created by Jesus. Tucked in the back of the facility is a machine shop where Jesus fabricates his inventions.

Recently, a neighboring business removed a machine which was destined for disposal - a large spindle, originally used to hold rolls of carpet. Inspiration struck! Jesus sensed an opportunity and asked if he could use the part. The "useless" piece has been converted to count windings of strap metal used for packaging. A job that previously took hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes. “A job that previously took hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes”

Jesus looks, he sees possibilities and solutions. A friend, crippled in an accident, had problems maintaining adequate circulation to his legs. Jesus got busy and, using discarded bicycle parts, created a bicycle, which, while operated by his hands, also exercises his friend's legs as well!

Asked about commercial possibilities, Jesus shrugs and explains that this was his gift to a friend, not a business venture.

electronic assembly

Jesus is now assisted by his son, Gerardo, who handles many of the daily operations. Gerardo readily agrees that the key to Je Nor's extraordinary productivity is due to the innovations of his father.

Recently, a CD distributor asked them to package CD's and mail the orders. No problem, but Jesus watched the slow process of inflating the packing material to just the right pressure and knew there was a better way. A simple machine now inflates the packing material in seconds.

The beginning of a new idea or process is usually the result of observation and deduction by an alert individual. Although history may accentuate the contributions of figures such as Galileo, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, there are many others who contribute in less public way. Jesus Martinez is one example of this constant quite revolution. On almost any afternoon Jesus can be found in his workshop developing a new idea. When asked to explain, he will turn to his guest and with a wide smile and gentle laugh, and comment: "It's simple!"

Written by William Marshak, What's Happening, December 2000
Reproduced with permission.

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